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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

V3 Qualification Scheme Book of Rules

An official description of the V3 Qualification Scheme has been published. Framed as a "Book of Rules", this document is much more detailed than previously release information.

It begins with clear definitions of each of the players in the ITIL market (APM Group, itSMF, OGC, TSO, Examination Institutes, Accredited Training Organizations). As the ITSM industry has evolved, there has not been enough quality communication about the roles, responsibilities and relationships between these parties. Even for vendors, this has often been confusing.

Most importantly, this document clarifies the credit program as well as the purpose, contents and requirements for the different course types (particularly the Intermediate Courses). Bridging and common questions are addressed. There are also suggested options for courses that can lead to ITIL Expert designation.

This is the most comprehensive description of the scheme that I seen to date and is certainly worth the time to read. You can download the full document at