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Friday, April 17, 2009

V2 Service Manager

I am getting ready to teach what is likely to be my last V2 Service Manager class. It's a bittersweet time - I have fully embraced V3 and the logic of the service lifecycle. To my mind, V3 puts V2 in context and introduces some interesting concepts such as the Service Knowledge Management System. I am enjoying building the V3 intermediate courses and initial feedback from our learners has been very positive.

But I will still miss Service Manager - it has always been my favorite class to teach. For those of you who have gone through it, you know that it is likely one of the most challenging and stressful courses ever taken. Despite this, most learners confess that it was an incredible and enlightening professional experience. Service Manager teaches ITSM leadership at a level that is still unsurpassed. The exam is extremely difficult, but it does provide an opportunity to showcase your advanced knowledge and application of ITSM in a mock environment. When you receive that red pin, you know that you have truly earned it.

So I am looking forward to this next class and welcoming new Service Managers. For them, V3 does not yet exist but, once done, they have a continuing path. That's exciting!

Having said all this, I would also recommend that existing Service Managers plan to take their Service Manager Bridge Courses. It's a great opportunity to refresh your skills and fast-track to ITIL Expert. The exam is not as difficult and results to date have been excellent. But most important, it is a chance to become better Service Managers by applying the same level of strategic thinking and leadership to V3.