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Thursday, June 3, 2010

ITSM Academy at Fusion 2010 in Louisville, KY

I am thrilled to announce that ITSM Academy has been selected to deliver multiple educational sessions at the itSMF Fusion 2010 conference.  While the unfortunate flooding in Nashville necessitated a venue change to Louisville, KY, the program and conference dates (September 18-22) are the same.

Donna Knapp will be delivering FROM HELP DESK TO SERVICE DESK: USING ITIL® BEST PRACTICES as pre-conference training course on Saturday, September 18 and Sunday September 19.  This highly interactive course is designed to assist organizations in evolving from a Help Desk into a true best practice Service Desk.  Donna Knapp has over twenty five years experience in the IT industry  and is the author of two college textbooks on Service Desk and Customer Service best practices. 

On Sunday, September 19, from 12:30 to 2:30,  Michael Cardinal will be leading a free pre-conference workshop, PUTTING THE PRO IN PROCESS DESIGN.   This session describes techniques for developing, reengineering and improving processes, while managing the associated culture change. Attendees will also learn how to build a "custom framework" by drawing on guidance from multiple ITSM frameworks and standards such as ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, MOF, Six Sigma and Cobit.  In addition to being a Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE) instructor, Mike has over 10 years of practical ITSM experience.

On Monday, September, 20th at 10:00 am, I will present on the tricky topic of  ROCK N' ROLES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND RESOURCES.  Regardless of size, budget or structure, many organizations struggle with fitting and managing the numerous ITSM roles and responsibilities within their current environment.  While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, I will provide practical guidance and explore different types of scenarios and models.  This session will be highly interactive with lots of audience participation.

Fusion 2010 in Louisville promises to be the best itSMF conference yet.  To learn more and register, go to  See you there!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The V2 Practitioner Path to ITIL Expert Certification

Did you know that there are currently three routes to becoming an ITIL Expert?

For those starting ITIL with V3 earning 17 credits in the ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme gains entry into the capstone course, Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC). Passing the MALC exam grants the ITIL Expert credential. The ITIL V3 Credit Profiler helps candidates build a training plan based on existing and potential certifications.

The remaining two options are for those who possess advanced V2 certifications.

Individuals who are (or will) become ITIL V2 Service Managers have a five day fast track to ITIL Expert through the Manager’s Bridge course and exam. These are the only candidates who do not need to pass the MALC exam to become ITIL Experts.

Individuals with four clustered V2 Practitioner certifications (e.g., Support and Restore, Release and Control, Plan and Improve, Agree and Define) only need to take the Manager’s Bridge and MALC. The Manager’s Bridge course fills the gaps from to V3 and equips learners with the pre-requisite knowledge for success in MALC. Candidates must pass both exams to earn the ITIL Expert credential.

A learner who recently achieved his ITIL Expert through this path noted that the experience both affirmed and enhanced his prior V2 knowledge.

Keep in mind that options 2 and 3 will only be available for a limited time as V2 exams begin to expire this year. V2 Service Manager will end in August, 2010. V2 Practitioner exams will end in December 2011. The Manager’s Bridge exam will end in June, 2011.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

ITSMP Diploma and Tuition Reimbursement

ITSM Academy's IT Service Management Professional (ITSMP)SM Diploma Program offers diplomas in three (3) occupational disciplines based on IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices, frameworks and standards. The career paths are:
· Change Manager (ITSMP-CM)SM
· Support Manager (ITSMP-SM)SM
· Service Level Manager (ITSMP-SLM)SM

View ITSM Diploma Tracks

Many of our learners have come to us for advise on securing Tuition Reimbursement for their education. The primary question is, "Will my company pay for my tuition?"

If your organization has an established Tuition Reimbursement policy, of course they will. You just need a business case stating the relevance of the education and and little patience. With this, your educational aspirations can be achieved.

But what if your company doesn’t publish a Tuition Assistance policy? In our experience, just because they don’t currently offer reimbursement doesn’t mean they aren’t open to the idea. It might just mean that no one has asked. Since Tuition Reimbursement is typically funded through the Human Resources’ benefit program, the cost of your training may not impact your department’s budget and you may be able to work with your boss to capitalize on this opportunity.

A great way to approach it is to create a list of ways your education will benefit the company:

  • In the course of the program, you will be earning five (5) internationally recognized certifications
  • Your new skills are based on industry standard best practices
  • This education will make you more productive at work
  • You will be able to take on additional assignments
  • You will be able to be a leader in the workplace
Your list should be part of a short business case which includes the following benefits of earning an ITSMP Diploma from ITSM Academy.

Number one: Value
Most employers are concerned about the expense of
employee education.

Demonstrate that the benefits outweigh the costs and be as specific as possible. We can help you put together a precise list of skills you will be learning. Remind them that in addition to earning an ITSMP diploma, you will also achieve industry recognized certifications. Since each ITSMP track has been built to ensure that students are equipped with ALL of the skills needed to succeed in a specific process management position, you will be better positioned to take a leadership role when needed. Also, remind them that paying your tuition may cost less than hiring a new employee with the skills you are learning, not to mention the cost of training the new recruit.

Number two: Longer Employee Retention
One of the best ways to prove your commitment is to sign a retention agreement. This ensures that you will stay with the organization for a specific period of time after earning your diploma. Most companies who offer tuition reimbursement already have this in place.

Number three: Competitive Advantage
Specifically demonstrate how your diploma will relate to your current (or proposed) position. Cite examples of how your new skills can be applied to IT Operations. From the ITSMP Catalog, show them the courses which you will be taking. Explain how the courses benefit the IT Department and the overall organization, by completing this unique combination of education. And remember, studies show that an educated workforce will keep your employers ahead of the competition.

Your ITSMP diploma will move your company’s IT Service Management initiatives forward. And what do we know about ITSM? Done right, it will implement and internalize best practices, improve productivity and reduce costs. So when you think of it that way, your employer will reduce operational costs by funding your education!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 2010 - An Exciting New Year

Can you believe that it is 2010? I'm still wrapping my head around that one. I do wish everyone a year filled with knowledge, joy, prosperity and good health.

To celebrate the new decade, here's an update on 10 exciting ITSM programs, courses and innovations from ITSM Academy:

1. IT Service Management Professional (ITSMP) Diplomas:
Are you or do you aspire to be a Change Manager, Support Manager or Service Level Manager? As a school now licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, we offer programs to achieve occupational IT Service Management Professional (ITSMP) Diplomas. Enrollment is required for one of these tracks. On our Public Class Schedule, the ITSMP symbol indicates courses which accrue enrolled students educational clock hours toward Change Manager, Support Manager and/or Service Level Manager Diplomas. In addition, enrolled ITSMP students will receive additional "soft skill" educational opportunities. We are the only ITSM training company licensed to offer these diplomas.

2. Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE): Loyalist Certification Services (LCS)'s CPDE exam has been approved as a complementary course in the ITIL Certification Scheme for 1.5 credits. We are also very proud that Donna Knapp's CPDE textbook will be published this spring by J. Ross Publishing. The book will be included with ITSM Academy's CPDE course materials.

3. PMP Exam Prep: Several of our alumni have expressed interest in becoming Project Management Professionals (PMPs). Knowing that ITSM implementations are more successful when managed as by skilled Project Managers, we will be offering 5 day PMP Exam Prep courses beginning March, 2010. This course meets PMI's 35 hour formal training requirement.

4. Virtual Training: Feedback from our instructor led virtual training classes has been very positive and pass rates for these sessions have been equivalent to traditional classroom rates. We will continue to expand the number and type of courses available in our Virtual Classroom.

5. Corporate Train the Trainer Program (Corporate Academy): ITSM Academy offers our accredited courseware and instructor services for use by select training organizations, consultants, trainers, educational institutes, universities, and software companies looking to establish their own co-branded ITSM training and certification program. We also license to corporations seeking a cost effective training solution for large numbers of learners.

6. Accredited Training Council Trade Association (ATCTA): I am working with colleagues from several other ITSM Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) to create a structured trade association. The association's intent will be to raise the quality of ITSM training standards and represent the voice of the customer to Examination Institutes and the ITIL Qualification Board. It's great news that several ATOs are willing to collaborate and align to the benefit of our customers and our industry. We hope to launch the association during Q2 2010.

7. ITIL Expert Pass: For learners who have achieved ITIL Foundation and aspire to become ITIL Experts, the ITIL Expert Pass gives you access to all of the courses needed to achieve your goal at one affordable price.

8. Corporate Pass: This is an opportunity for six team members from the same organization to attend an unlimited number of courses in a 12-month period for only $24,995.

9. Sand Dollars: This program offers volume pricing for multiple named learners.

10. Early Bird Specials: This is an opportunity for 25% off of select class seats. Early Bird's are only available for select courses/dates and can expire at any time. Check our website for early bird seat availability.