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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Axelos Future of ITIL Workshop

In a recent blog, I introduced Axelos, the joint venture between Capita and the Cabinet Office that will manage ITIL’s intellectual property and qualification scheme commencing in January of 2014. 

I had the privilege of participating in a Future of ITIL workshop sponsored by Axelos on July 17 and 18 in London.  My role was as an ATO but also as one of the representatives of the ATO Advisory Council (AAC).  The attendees came from several different organizations and perspectives.  Each brought a wealth of insight, experience and passion for ITIL.  
Notably absent were the ITIL Examination Institutes, omitted while Axelos was finalizing their commercial model.   Since then, Axelos has announced that they will not take on the role of Examination Institute like their predecessor.   This is a good decision.  
While the topics discussed went in many directions and spanned the past, present and future of ITIL, the central theme remained constant - increasing the value of ITIL to the customer and end-user organization.   The intent was not to make decisions; the intent was to have open dialog about what works, what doesn’t and suggestions for improvement.  The most impressive aspect of the workshop was the lack of opinion or comment by the Axelos representatives, including CEO Peter Hepworth.  They were there to listen and absorb.

Several critical success factors emerged including the need for international market research, continuing communication and the obligation to balance market stability with the desire to innovate (sounds a little ITIL-like, huh?).
If you would like more information about what was discussed, the following are good synopses:

Axelos has stated that this workshop will be the first of many.  In the meantime, they have been actively soliciting input and engaging with stakeholders via social media.   On Twitter, you can follow them via @AxelosGBP and @ChrisBarretski.  They have also established a Google+ page to post official ebulletins and other relevant information