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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ITIL V3 Credits

Since the 2007 introduction of the ITIL V3 certification scheme, there has been some confusion regarding the “value” of V2 certifications as credits towards ITIL Expert™ designation. There has been similar confusion about blending credits from the ITIL V3 Lifecycle and Capability schemes.

Recently, the Qualification Board issued an updated ITIL® Qualification Credit Administration
Policy. The Qualification Board has reviewed the content of similar V2 and V3 courses and revised their initial position based on the percentage of overlap.

Regarding the blending of V3 courses, this policy clarifies that those individuals aspiring to ITIL Expert™ may apply credits from related Lifecycle and Capability courses such as Service Transition and Release, Control and Validation. The courses have a different focus and the overlap is not significant enough to be considered duplicate learning. So, you can now apply credit from both:
  • Service Transition (3pts) and Release, Control & Validation (RCV) (4pts)
  • Service Operation (3pts) and Operational Support & Analysis (OSA) (4pts)
  • Service Design (3pts) and Service Offerings & Agreement (SOA) (4pts)
  • Service Design (3pts) and Planning, Protection & Optimization (PPO) (4pts)

That’s great news for organizations and individuals wishing to study a process from both the management and operational perspectives.

The application of V2 credits is a little muddier. In short, there is too much overlap between the V2 Practitioner and equivalent V3 Capability courses. So you cannot apply credits from both:

  • IPRC and RCV
  • IPAD and SOA
  • IPPI and PPO

Instead, you can apply credits from one course or the other. There is a grandfather clause in the policy – if you did take and pass both V2 and V3 related courses before May 1, 2009, you may apply for credits for both courses before August 1, 2009.

The only exception to the rule is IPSR and OSA – it was determined that there is sufficient new material in OSA to allow for credits for both courses and taking both courses earns a total of 7.5 credit to be applied to ITIL Expert™

Those possessing V2 Practitioner certifications can still apply their credits (3.75 each) in a couple of ways:

  • To claim credits instead of one of the V3 Capability Courses (credits will vary depending on whether the V2 course was a clustered or single process practitioner course)
  • To apply 12 V2 Practitioner credits and be eligible to take the Service Manager Bridge and Managing Across the Lifecycle courses to earn the ITIL Expert ™ designation

The policy does contain a grid of courses that are compatible and incompatible in the V3 scheme. The caution is that an individual would still need to have balanced knowledge of the entire Service Lifecycle in order to succeed in Managing Across the Lifecycle, the gateway course to ITIL Expert.

It is important to note that the Credit Profiler has not yet been updated to reflect the new policy. It is expected to be revised in the near future.

The full policy and Credit Profiler are available at

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