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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Introducing the First Service Management Congress!

Something revolutionary happened this week at the itSMF/HDI Fusion 13 conference.   Something so special that I’m still overwhelmed by it's enormity.

I was honored to be invited to be a part of what was to be called the “Revolutionary Network” – a group of passionate, respected individuals who were tasked to think outside the box and reenergize and refocus service management.  It was a daunting challenge, to be accomplished over two fragmented days, culminating in an “unleashed” presentation on the last day of the conference.  We had no rules, no boundaries and were encouraged to be innovative and free thinking.  We represented ourselves, not our organizations.  We did not prepare; had no pre-conceived notions of what the result would be.  There was a lot of debate, discussion, loss of words and a preponderance of words.  The result is truly transformative.
Service management has lost its way – ITIL and similar service management practices have become commoditized, commercialized and canonized.    There is too much emphasis on process, not enough on people.   Knowledge is too proprietary, not open.   IT services overshadow business outcomes.   Certification trumps learning.    After years of “adopting”, we asked ourselves if the business is actually realizing the value that we intended to provide.  Sadly, we collectively shook our heads “no”.  We decided that it’s time to take the “IT” out of “ITSM” and commit to “refocusing our attention on a set of core values that help to enable individuals, leaders, businesses and communities.”

The result is a call to action, a set of rights and a commitment to core values.  Like the output of most revolutions, we formed a congress for, by and from the people that are passionate and invested in delivering value through service management.  Everything developed this week is a work in progress and, hopefully, will evolve through people and crowdsourcing.    Whether you are a practitioner, consultant, educator, leader, executive or vendor, you are the business and a key contributor to the future of service management. 

Please take a minute to check out the Call to Action and lend your support at    Share it with your colleagues and co-workers.  Join the revolution!
From one of the "unleashed" session attendees:
"Even if I had not been able to attend any other part of Fusion, this session would have made the entire trip worthwhile."

"Coming out of this session, I knew I had witnessed something special. What I saw and took part in today was the start of a radical reinvention of the profession; valuing people, ideas, and outcomes over businesses, processes, and services. We're committing to ourselves and each other that our job is to tear down obstacles, connect people, and spur creativity."

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