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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Join me at the DevOps IT Culture Cocktail Party session at Fruition Partners' FruDevCon

I am very flattered to have been asked to present at Fruition Partners’ fruDevCon14 conference in Chicago, IL October  5-9.  In it’s second year, fruDevCon offers the unique perspective of uniting development and process on a ServiceNow platform.   Attendees will not only learn more about “what” and “how” to develop within ServiceNow, they also will get insight into “why” they are doing what they do and how good process contributes to overall business success.   
I am particularly excited about this approach since the unity of development and process lies at the heart of the emerging DevOps movement.  DevOps does not rely solely on automating tasks – it is as a much a cultural initiative as it is a technical opportunity. Culture is nurtured from the top down and bottom up.  It starts with changing the way individuals think and behave.  

Culture is actually the focus of my presentation, “The IT Culture Cocktail Party” which will be part of the fruDevCon opening keynote session.  During our time together, we will explore the basics of DevOps and discuss how the integration of service management processes with Agile and Lean concepts can foster a culture of better collaboration and faster deployments between Dev and Ops.  We will also have a little fun mixing up a DevOps Culture Cocktail with best practice ingredients from multiple frameworks.  Since DevOps touches everyone in IT, it is my hope that the message of cultural unity will resonate equally with developers, operators and executives.

If your organization is utilizing a ServiceNow platform, I highly encourage you to attend fruDevCon.    In fact, if you register quickly, there is a 20% discount using promo code ANRBJ3.    I hope to meet you there.

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